Snowdrops and (winter) roses

Some cheerfulness from my winter garden on what is otherwise a very dull sort of day.

Hellebores, or winter roses, can always be depended upon to pop up their heads when nothing else is willing. 

This is the third winter for these blooms, and each year they are stronger and more abundant. They were purchased from

Post Office Farm Nursery

H. x hybridus 'Double Picotee'

H. x hybridus 'White spotted'

H. x hybridus 'Primrose yellow spotted'

If I've whetted your appetite for these winter beauties, you can learn a lot more about them in

this Gardening Australia interview

with Peter Leigh from Post Office Farm.

Or for those not blessed with a green thumb, perhaps

this archival botanical print

from Australian botanical artist,

David Mackay

is a more satisfying option!