Dilly-dallying with new friends

I spent the long weekend dilly-dallying in the farm garden, basking in gloriously sunny, winter weather ...

... frolicking about with the flowers ...

... and making new friends, who were also out enjoying the sun - and munching their way through my garden.

Some were young and spritely, self-assured and handsome in freshly formed black and white coats, with busy schedules and the world at their (many) feet ...

Others were old and weatherbeaten, tattered about the edges and feeling their age, content to sit motionless for hours.

I wavered between the two - initially busy and enthusiastic, but pulling up stiff, sore and eager to sit after two days of concerted dilly-dallying!

I invited my new friends in for cake, but they politely declined, having already

stuffed themselves full in my garden

consumed an elegant sufficiency. Oh well, more for me :)