My daughter remains unwell, and part of her treatment involves getting some exercise. Of course, my favourite place to walk is the local Botanical Gardens. 

Our walk served as exercise for the blossie, and a bit of solace for me.

Being a cloudy winter's day, the gardens were quiet,

and the chairs were empty. It was lovely to have the place to ourselves.

My daughter is well and truly accustomed to being dragged around gardens, and tolerates me crawling through garden beds to take photos. She tolerates me laying on my belly to get a shot of mossy pavers or getting up close and personal with tree bark.

She tolerates, but doesn't quite understand, my enthusiasm for plants.

She tolerates me educating her with botanical names of this, that and the other.

And, with a minimum of eye-rolling, copes when I exclaim how beautiful something is, even in its dormant winter state.

And just occasionally, when her guard is down, she yells out with a modicum of excitement, "Mum, look at this!" I came running to share her find: a gorgeous red, spotted mushroom, worthy of any girl's fairyland.

The blossie, despite my efforts to distract her (!), remains unwell. She has constant abdominal pain and headaches and has missed a lot of school. We have had what seems like every diagnostic test known to man, and the problem remains unresolved.   More test results should be available soon, so we'll see what this week holds.